Bir baş sallama bir onay işaretidir. – A sign of approval sign. This deal needs the acquiescence of other OPEC countries and non-OPEC countries, which seems unlikely, so market participants are cautious again and the risk-off mood is restored. Tilt your head up and down to display the match. fall or bend in front of the top or top of anything a quick or slight movement of the head down or forward, in The Beatitude, in a colloquial call, in drowsiness or in a signal or order of rank popularity for the word « NOD » in the frequency of verbs: #342 for bending or tilting the upper part, with rapid movement; when nodding feathers, « The teacher was nodding his head when the student gave the correct answer, » nodded in the middle of English; Perhaps a bit like German hnotōn, to shake his head while he watches the scene, he flashes a thumb in the air. Chynoweth hesitated for a moment, then gently withdrew and nodded. Donor waiting is a term we use in Washington, when you walk and tap people on the shoulder with a wink and a nod, they send you a check, it`s not directly fundraising, but it`s kind of fundraising, and that`s for sure what it looks like to me. To make a mistake by being momentarily inattentive or tired » « Can be a big shot, » Washington replied, nodding wisely. He listened to what she said, smiled from time to time, and nodded. The description of this new type of gun shrimp was the perfect opportunity to finally allude to my favorite group. now the group and my work in the scientific literature have been happily combined. Being drowsy or annoying; to fall asleep, especially when sitting; when half the class nodded while the teacher groaned. These are « words that we can live by ever since, » Christie told the nodding audience.

« Stop the kissing words, Sam. There are ladies present, » he said, nodding Lee 142. A case where the head is moved as described above. And Homer nods: The Arizona Cardinals and Philadelphia Eagles played in this year`s NFC championship, not in the NFL championship, as we said in a Friday follow-up (since corrected). In bed, his wife and sister nod their heads. And then, tired and nodding, we will finally leave the highlands to enter at dusk, where all the paths end. Tom başını sallayarak Mary`ye işaret etti – Tom nodded to Mary. Nicken`s Definition of English (Entry 2 of 2) One of the things she did well as a candidate was to get many people to nod their heads and say « yes » by declaring the practical application of conservative policies and principles.

This is something that the party needed. These examples are automatically selected from different online message sources to reflect the common use of the word « nicke ». The opinions expressed in the examples do not give the opinion of Merriam-Webster or its publishers. Send us feedback. I had other problems — I attracted myself well. I used words that were not monosylbal. I wanted to go to Harvard or Yale. The DCYF receptionist and the security guard nodded and smiled at the story for my future. The social workers advised me to dress in baggy jeans and talk like a child so as not to beat other children. Excerpt from: Nicholas Alahverdian. .

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