6) Obstacles to services/resignation K&K GmbH is fully or temporarily released if (and if so) the provision of staff is made impossible or excessively difficult (temporary or permanent) due to exceptional circumstances that were not caused by a fault of K&K GmbH. These exceptional circumstances include labour disputes (whether they take place at the tenant`s company or at K&K GmbH), public authorities under public law, natural disasters, diseases, epidemics, etc. In addition, in the above-mentioned cases, K&K GmbH has the right to withdraw from the contract for the transfer of personnel. If the temporary agency worker does not accept the work, does not continue the work or is absent from work for other reasons, the customer must immediately inform K&K GmbH. K&K GmbH has the right (and will do everything in its power) to provide a replacement. In the absence of replacement personnel, K&K GmbH is exempted from the obligation to make an employee available, unless K&K GmbH is liable for the fact that the worker has not started working. With the availability of staff, you can add manpower without increasing administrative complexity. Employee leasing companies manage compliance with state and state rules, pay slip, unemployment insurance, W-2 forms for claims processing, and other documents. Some also offer retirement and staff assistance programs. An employee lease agreement is an agreement between a company and another party, in which the company undertakes to award the services of some or all of its employees to the other party under certain conditions. 12) Intermediation clause Tenants and employees conclude an employment contract during the term of the rental agreement or within six months of its expiry, K&K GmbH is entitled to an investment commission. The amount of the agency provision due depends on the duration of the rental contract: – for rental contracts of up to six months, it is double, – for rental contracts of six to twelve months, it corresponds to the gross monthly salary agreed between the tenant and the worker, plus VAT.

Several rental conditions are added. The right to payment of the placement provision is also created when the worker (1) is paid during the period of 1 is ordered by a related company of the tenant (§ 15 et seq.). .